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A research laboratory GLOBAL-XX informs about successful working of a top-priority scientific problem of this century, i.e. the fundamental interactions occurred in nature, their relations and conceivable unity.

Studies performed on this problem demonstrate that all four types of fundamental interactions, that is gravitation, electromagnetic, slight and strong nuclear interactions are just the different manifestations of interaction between the elementary electric charges - protons and electrons - with due regard for their motion.

It should be noted that for electromagnetic interaction this answer has long been known and no further proof is required. If we believe that the reasonable assumption about the unity of forces of nature is true, the same answer regarding the other three interactions is quite objective.

In pursuit for the above-mentioned global scientific problem and many other relating problems the International Community has to spend huge expenses which tend to grow and become intractable burden to any individual country.

At present this problem ceases to be purely scientific one as the mankind is exploring such areas as atomic energy, nuclear synthesis, radioactivity, ecology, etc. Ill-considered activities are often dangerous and may result in such catastrophic events as Chernobyl accident and all related consequences.

The progress of science in this century is characterized by change of definitions and terms. Quarks, leptons, gluons and others are now used more often than molecules, atoms, electrons and nuclei.

New ideas and theories are brought forward, e.g. gravitation wave theory, relativity theory, unified field theory, quantum theory, unifying time and space theory and others.

But all these theories are of hypothetical, virtual nature, while the ultimate purpose of generating the unified theory of all fundamental interactions of nature, including gravitation still remains a distant hope.

Futility of these attempts is a clear evidence that certain revisions are required for the variety of up-to-date ideas about the nature and specifically for the areas where even slightest doubts, to say nothing about contradictions, still exist.

This task has been accomplished in the study under discussion. The fundamental knowledge about the nature has been corrected and completed, as was dreamt of by A.Einstein. As a result, many doubts and contradictions were deleted and the results turned to be amazing.

Regretfully, the results also prove that the International Community has been deceived or misinformed for the objective and subjective reasons. This is a painful fact, though, perfection and clarification is definitely a required step in the way of the scientific progress.

Anyone who wants to enhance one’s knowledge can try to add these new features to already known facts about the nature.

Ideally, we shall try to demonstrate by calculations that gravitational interaction between two atoms of hydrogen is absolutely equal in amount and sign to the interaction between two pairs of electrical charges which constitute each atom.

It is very difficult to do. But as one sees how it can be done one could just admire the simple and elegant solution.

This would be our reply, unfortunately, belated to R.Feinman and Ya.Zeldovich to the dream of their lives.

We are ready to propose to attention of the International Community the materials of our completed research study. Consistent and justified results can be verified by all known experiments, including those which can not be interpreted using the currently available theoretical knowledge.

The importance of these results are essential, as:

  • they introduce drastic changes in the knowledge about the universe;
  • they allow to unite physical laws and theories which are at present just a variety of ill-matched fragments;
  • they reveal the contents of all universal physical constants (gravity constant, Planck constant, etc.) and demonstrate that all these constants reflect only the inadequate level of our knowledge about substance in microworld;
  • they provide means for influencing the fundamental interactions and ways for their control;
  • they set conditions for conscious and safe human activities in such fundamental areas as atomic energy, nuclear synthesis, radioactivity, the outer space and ecology;
  • they are helpful to avoid such catastrophes as Chernobyl accident and mitigate their consequences.

We realize our responsibility for this announcement and information, and in view of the scope of this subject we propose to discuss the materials of our investigation by the international research community under support of the UNESCO.

The positive outcome of this discussion is evident. On the eve of next century the physicists have the chance to correct the science. This goal would be eventually performed. The sooner it is done, the better.

Everyone who feels one’s responsibility for the destiny of mankind, who is concerned with present and future with its most acute problem should respond and not stay aside because without the widest involvement of the public it is much more difficult for science to get out of this dramatic situation.

Head of the laboratory GLOBAL-XX

Nikolay Budaev

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